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Sustainable Landscaping

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

When the term sustainable landscaping is mentioned what comes to mind? Sustainable landscapes require there to be an investment made and will also require maintenance to keep it looking beautiful all year round. But the great news about this type of garden is you’re looking at something that will last for 10+ years providing a functional and balanced landscape leaving you feeling happy with your forever garden.

When it comes to finding plants you will want to add to your forever garden, you are going to want to take into consideration the amount of space you have to utilize. Knowing your space allows you to get more in depth with plants and how many you can fit. Knowing how big a plant is going to get is important because you want to know how many to add without crowding them and creating a problem for a later time. With this information you will want to draw up a rough draft with an idea of your desired layout of the garden, using all the information you have gathered. This then will allow you to know how many plants you can add, what types of plants you want and how many of each you are going to need.

Finding plants for your garden is an exciting step. You will be figuring out what type of foundational plants you are going to want. These are going to be your trees and shrubs in the garden which can provide height and shade for other plants to strive under. Take into consideration as these foundational plants grow they will provide shade for parts of the garden and depending on location they could even provide shade for your home in the hot summer months, as well as privacy if you live in town. These plants will attract your birds and other friendly creatures into the garden giving it a fun wildlife vibe.

Perennials are an important step in creating a sustainable landscape. Adding perennials will begin to give your garden character and allow you to add lots of color for the spring, summer, fall and even winter months if you decide to add some o

f the winter blooming perennials. Native plants provide simple care and are low maintenance and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Adding in lots of colorful perennials will give your garden a bright and cheerful appearance while also attracting more birds, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds into the landscape.

One last important thing to do before your garden is finished! You will want to make sure that you add in drip lines to all of your new little plants. Keeping water on them when it’s hot is important and who really wants to stand outside in 100 degree weather watering plants for hours on end? I know I don’t. Adding drips will ensure that your new plants are getting the accurate amount of water during the warmer months so they won’t die and you will never have to worry about taking time out of your day to go water them by hand.

Now that we have gone over some of the basics to creating a sustainable landscape, I wish you well and good luck on your new endeavor. Country Girl Gardens will be here if you have any questions regarding your new landscape or even assist you if things begin to get a little to hectic.

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