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Urban Greenery Garden

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Have you always wanted to create your own garden yet are limited on space? Urban Greenery gardens are known for creating gardens in small spaces so that anyone even someone who lives in a

n apartment area can still have their own garden at home. If you have been wondering where to start then I can help you out!

When creating an urban garden you will want to scope out the space that you have available to put flowers. You w

ill want to define how you want to utilize this space to give you a better idea of how many plants you are able to add to the area. Will you use this space for an outdoor patio with a table and chairs? Or would you prefer it to be a quiet place for you to go in the evenings to enjoy the flowers and read a book? Knowing and having a plan for this space allows you to plan out the functionality of it so it doesn’t turn into a cluttered mess. Are you someone who loves cooking? Possibly you will want to grow some herbs out there for you to use in your meals daily, or you enjoy the pops of colors and just want something that’s pretty and colorful to look at and maybe you also love watching the birds so you will want to make sure you find plants specifically used to attract birds to your urban area.

Paying attention to where the sun hits and doesn’t hit in your area is important for plant growing conditions. This will determine how many sun and shade plants you can bring into your space to provide them with the proper growing conditions to thrive. Also determining your climate zone is important because you want to make sure you are buying plants that will survive in the area you live. When we are working with sun plants sometimes placing these plants out on the balcony works best and shade plants go best up against the wall in hopes that they won’t get to much sun during the day. So you will want to make sure that you are picking plants and placing them accordingly to the area you are living in.

When planting your garden the timing of this matters. Plants that have a larger interest such as flowering plants or anything that can provide fruit, foliage or even plants with bark. Knowing when these bloom and can get trimmed is important because you don’t want all your flowers to bloom and die back all at the same time leaving you with nothing pretty towards the end of the spring season. If you are looking for something that’s more of an all year round plants you can always plant herbs such as rosemary, sage and lavender. Paying attention to the form of your plants can also help upon using them for decoration especially finding “climbers” which would be your vertical growing plants, your structured plants such as shrubs and your texture plants which would be perennials and annuals.

If you are interested in designing an Urban Greenery space but can’t just quite figure it out give us at Country Girl Gardens a call. With their expertise knowledge you will have an enjoyable urban greenery space in no time!

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